Our Companies: Home/Tech



Wright is a premium DTC, American-made, sleep products company offering mattresses and bedding products made with the best possible materials, without the retail markup. Positioned between value-conscious and ultra-premium, with a devotion to design and craftsmanship, Wright is committed to improving the sleep experience through innovative bedding solutions.

Based in New York, NY



Kano is the STEM category leader for creative computing and coding that is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. A DIY, Lego-style computer kit designed for all ages to assemble their own computer and learn to code art, music apps, games and more, using exclusive licensed content, as well as gain access to a global Kano online community. Kano is democratizing access to coding technology by providing users the opportunity to make technology rather than consume it.

Based in London, UK



Otherland is a home fragrance and beauty startup that has reinvented the candle for the mass market. Through beautiful, recyclable packaging and personalization, Otherland links art, poetry, and culture to its candles. Distributed DTC at a higher quality/lower price point model, Otherland is bridging a gap within the candle industry.

Based in Brooklyn, NY



Ember is a design-led temperature control brand that is revolutionizing the way the world drinks, eats and lives. Featuring award-winning design and patented technology, Ember products let you select your preferred drinking temperature and will keep it there, ensuring your hot beverage is perfect - from the first sip to the last drop. Since initially launching with heated travel mugs; Ember has released ceramic mugs, been sold in over 10,000 Starbucks, Apple Stores, and in over 26 countries. Ember continues to scale with cutting-edge ideas addressing attractive and growing end-markets.

Based in Westlake Village, CA